Monday, December 31, 2012

Sky Dragon Dungeon #3 - Sky Dragon of Wood

Happy New Years! I apologize for the late updates my friends! I was out of town for a vacation :)

If you have not familiarize yourself with Sky Dragon Dungeons, please go back to #1 or #2 posts, for they will provide you some basic information about how to encounter certain levels.

Data: (ATK, TURN, HP, DEF)
Adept Level (Stamina: 15)
Lil Green Dragon 917, 3, NA, NA
Emerald Carbuncle 797, 2, NA, NA
Goblin 1199, 4, NA, NA
Earth Fighter 895, 3, NA, NA
Tavy Devil 502, 1, NA, NA

Wood Skydragon Horai 3864, 3, NA, 276

As far as Adept Level goes, all you need is a non-water team with a Siren/Alraune/Archangel Leader and a x2 Leader :)
Expert Level (Stamina: 25)

Emerald Carbuncle 1486, 2, NA, 70
Goblin 2236, 4, NA, 70
Earth Knight 2376, 2, NA, 135
Tavy Devil 1270, 1, NA, 560
Mystic Stone Knight (rare) 3070, 3, NA, 450
Lil Green Dragon (rare) NA

Flowerdragon Brachys (Round 5) 4246, 5, NA, 180
Dryad x2 (Round 9) 990, 2, 13200, 80
Mandrake (Round 9) 1950, 2, 56640, 100

Wood Skydragon Horai (Round 10) 10555, 3, 716343, 644

Expert Level can be tough, since Horai hits really hard. Highly recommend Graviton Earth Dragon/Flare Drall/Fortoytops and a Siren/Alraune/Archangel as leaders. Subs can be anything.
Master Level (Stamina: 50)

Earth Knight 4028, 2, 19904, 216
Tavy Devil 2804, 1, 15193, 1120
Mystic Stone Knight 5206, 3, NA, 720

Flowerdragon Brachys (Round 5) 9375, 5, 237322, 360
Mandrake x2 (Round 9) 4312, 2, 125080, NA

Wood Skydragon Horai (Round 10) 15570, 3, 1056900, 920

Not only does Horai hit hard in here, but other also deals high damage; so Graviton Earth Dragon (his useful skill to deal high damage) and a Siren (max skill recommended) are recommended, with Fire Subs (one Echidna recommended) - killing the minions. Make sure your HP is at least 8000, in three turns you will not recover in time so you will have to use Siren's skill to help out with the Heart Gems.

If you do have a Amaterasu friend leader though, that will give you a lot of advantage since she heals x5 of her RCU per turn. Do your math, and make sure you can recover 7700 HP in 3 turns.

Don't forget the Master Level rules still apply. Kill with one left, charge up skills - blah blah blah you get the idea :)

Charge up your skills with one monster left!
Round 5 is always the best time to recharge your skills.
And if you are careful with the Mandrakes,
you will have skills left when facing Sky Dragon.

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