Friday, November 30, 2012

Legendary Mech Dragon

Here it goes guys! Today we will be covering Legendary Mech Dragon, which is comparatively harder than the previous ones even in Expert.

Legendary Mech Dragon:

The Legendary Mech Dragon differs from other Legendaries on attack turns. Let me repeat that, he will attack you EVERY TURN. So if you are not careful enough or run out of hearts, its game over.

Adept Level (15 stamina)
Nothing too much to talk about here. If you just started the game and want some light monsters, Lil' White Dragon and Devils drop here in Adept Level. Make sure you can deal 2000 damage and have around 4000+ HP.

Boss: HP ~80000? ATK 1467 per 1 turn. DEF: 0

Recommended Strategy: x2 Multiplier + Siren the Enchantress/Alraune as friend leader.

Expert Level (25 stamina)
Lil' White Dragon 1530 per 2 turns
Topaz Carbuncle 1882 per 2 turns
White Knight ATK 2444 per 2 turns
Mystic Light Knight (Rare Encounter) ATK 6660 per 3 turns
Harpie Devil ATK 1667 per 1 turn

Holy Dragon (Round 5) ATK 3390 per 3 turns
Cupid (Round 9 x2) ATK 1080 per 2 turns
Angel (Round 9) ATK 2653 per 2 turns

Mechadragon Valhalla HP 216540 ATK 2736 per 1 turn

Expert Level is so much harder in the fact that there are angels in Round 9, which might end up you skill-less at Round 10.

Recommended Strategy: same as Adept strategy (see above); or Holy Dragon/Lightning Holy Dragon leader + Siren the Enchantress/Alraune as friend leader.

Since Valhalla attacks 2736 per turn, and you have a Siren with you, he is pretty much only hitting you 900 per turn. So your focus is more on how to kill the minions instead :) And that's up to you to do that!

Master Level (50 stamina)
White Knight HP 26100; ATK 5280 per 2 turns; DEF 270
Mystic Light Knight (Rare Encounter) HP (High); ATK 6660 per 3 turns; DEF ~1000
Harpie Devil HP 19650; ATK 3600 per 1 turn; DEF 1400

Holy Dragon (Round 5) ATK 3390 per 3 turns
Angel (Round 9 x2) ATK 5730 per 2 turns

Mechadragon Valhalla HP 379650 ATK 5910 per 1 turn

General Master Level Strategy:
Whichever strategy or dungeons you are doing, the main key is to:
(Round 1-4) Recharge your skill whenever possible, if you have one devil / knight left and you can play with him a little longer, then do it. This is to prepare for the worst - 5 Devils or a mix of monsters that attack in 1 turn in the next round. If you have a full team of charged skill, you can probably blast through the first 4 rounds by using up your skills.
(Round 5) The miniboss has low HP and doesn't hit hard, so recharge your skill! And save some gems, because...
(Round 6-8) In these three rounds, you do not want to use up your skills because round 9 is probably the hardest stage. That means you need to use your saved gems in Round 5 to try to sweep these 3 stages without using all of your skills!
(Round 9) You want to kill one first immediately and recharge your skill playing around with one of these miniboss.
(Round 10) Depends on the strategy used. See below.

Remember this strategy. In the future when you guys get used to it, you will start analyzing these strategies yourself. And that time, you know you are already a master at PAD :)

So, read on, here goes a long one:

Strategy #1: x6.25 (Dragon / Physical)
This strategy is to kill him before he can kill you in 2~3 turns. Valhalla has one of the lowest health in Legendary Dragons (excluding Isle Dragon). If you are able to save up some skills after Round 9 (but we are talking about almost full skill team). Then you should be ok to just sweep him in 3 turns. However, you have to calculate how much he hits (5910 x2 = 11820), so your HP has to be higher than that to survive two hits and kill him in 3 turns.

Team #1 x6.25 Dragon
Leader: Ancient Dragon Knight
Subs: Chaos Devil Dragon/Devil Dragon, Chaos Dragon Knight, Dragon Knight, Any 4 Star Dragons (high level)
Friend Leader: Ancient Dragon Knight

Team #2 x6.25 Physical
Leader: Siegfried the Blue Champion
Subs: Any Physical including Evolved Ogre (Max level), Any 5 Star Golems,
Friend Leader: Siegfried the Blue Champion
Strategy #2 x4 Dark (Recommended)
Leader: Vampire Lord / Moondragon D'spinas / Tiamat
Subs: All Dark (High end level if 4 Stars, low end if 5 stars), Chaos Devil Dragon recommended; if Vampire Lord is used, Siren (max skill) is also recommended.
Leader: Vampire Lord / Moondragon D'spinas / Tiamat

With this team, you can sweep anything in no time, providing you save up the Dark Gems without using them up in one round. Easy and simple.
Strategy #3 Regeneration + Half Damage Reduction (Recommended)
Leader: Siren the Enchantress (Max Skill)
Sub: All Dark (High end level if 4 Stars, low end if 5 stars), Chaos Devil Dragon recommended)
Friend Leader: Lightning Holy Dragon / Valhalla

This is a grinding strategy. Where there are no multipliers, you are purely killing them with your dark subs and at the same time regenerating HP. This strategy is risky if your Siren is not max-skilled. The advantage of this is, if you have one devil left in the round, he can almost never kill you because Siren (5 star Lv30+) can regenerate 1800 already. So your goal in this is to charge up your skills while regenerating; but do not leave more than 1-2 monsters in the screen every round while that happens.

One of the 5 Ripper Dragons (the one that deals 20000 attack to all) is always recommended because you can get all of them to low health in one skill, and all you have to do is damage a little more to get you 1~2 devils left.
Strategy #4 Pure Element + High HP (Indian Gods)
Leader: Shiva / Lakshmi / Parvati
Sub: High End Fire / Water / Wood Coupled Gem Changers + Rainbow Keeper
Friend Leader: x2 Fire / Water / Wood or another Indian God

I used this strategy, but it was because I don't have a choice. This is a really risky strategy compared to the other ones mentioned above.

The loop (in my case, Water element)
1. Siegfried paired with max-skilled Megalodran, can sweep two rounds if I get lots of water gems.
2. Crystal Aurora Dragon can damage them to low HP, kill until one left.
3. Use Megalodran's skill to recover HP every 5 turns and recharge my skill, playing around with that one monster left in that round.
4. Round 9, kill one miniboss first using <3, 3, 3, 3> gem attack instead of attack all <5, 3, 3>
5. Round 10, kill while recovering. Worse comes to worst, Rainbow Keeper's skill can minimize his damage three turns.

Phew. And if this makes sense to you, start applying them! Remember, no pain no gain. If you lost your 50 stamina because you were 1 freakin' turn off to charge up a skill, then you know what went wrong!

Good luck hunting! And let me end this post by sharing my play! :)
Charge up your skill before you encounter something like this! 
Again; miniboss Round 5 is a good place to recharge your skills!
Kill one angel first! And recharge your skill!
5290 HP left!! DEAD OR ALIVE! HERE WE GO!!!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thursday Dungeon - Hunt for the Dragon Plants!

Sorry to you guys that were waiting n for a guide to Wednesday Dungeon; I didn't want to write it yet because I didn't have pictures taken.

More important though is Thursday dungeon! Do you have your boxes expanded enough? Because it's stocking up time! Every two weeks, the trio metal dragon dungeons come out, and with all those baby metal dragons in your box, you are indeed wanting to feed them to your team. DON'T DO IT! Not only is it not worth the coins and experience, but you also are missing out on evolving the fatty chickens (pengdras really), which gives 45000 exp when evolved and fed, obtainable in technical dungeons and evolvable using one dragon plant and two (colored) baby metal dragons.

With the fact that you will probably use some stamina on running these dungeons at least twice per color, you can count already how many of these dragon plants and pengdras you need to stock up BEFORE HAND.

Let's make an example:
1) I want to do 2 runs per dungeon appearance
2) The dungeon appears 3 times per day
3) At least 3 baby dragons drop per run
4) That's a total of 18 baby dragons, which means 9 dragon plants are needed to pair up to evolve the pengdras!

And we are only talking about one color. If there's three colors per two weeks? You do the math :)
18 x 3 = 54, You need to save up 27 Dragon Plants per two weeks if you want to go with the above plan!

If you are lucky, you can get 3~4 per run!
Yum! Another 3!
Haven't stocked up yet? Stop reading and hurry! :)

Friday - If stamina permits, will go with some Baddies and Amelits for Vampire Lord
Weekend - Set up for Legendary Green Dragon Master Level; probably at the same time Legendary Mech Dragon Master Level.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Gatekeepers and Gold Metal Dragon!

It's Tuesday again. And time to write a guide to facing the gatekeepers! Most but not all already know how to beat the trios. The hard dungeon of course is the Gatekeeper of Rainbow.

Let's start with the Trios.
Minions: hits 1000-1300. Can appear in a group of 5. As long as you have a decent team using a multiplier as leader. There's nothing difficult to beat 5 of them.
Gatekeeper of Dark/Light: hits 3023 per 3 turns. Random encounter at Round 4/9.
Gatekeeper of Red/Blue/Green (Boss): hits 3023 per 3 turns. HP ~160000.

Aside from these, there are rare appearances of Golems showing up. They don't hit hard (~1300).
If you are lucky enough, this is want you can get :)

Gatekeeper of Rainbow could be a pain in the ass:
Minions: hits ~2300 per 2 turns. Can appear in a group of 4. If you do not have a strong team, you can get killed immediately.
Gatekeeper of Dark/Light (Round 4 Miniboss): hits 12764 per 3 turns. HP 844760. Defense 600. Fixed encounter.
Gatekeeper of Rainbow (Boss): hits 22200 per 5 turns. HP 1057660. Defense 1550.

Notice that at Round 4 and 5, they both hit more than 12k. So its obvious that the tactic has to be Resolve. I definitely would recommend using a x2 Multiplier Resolve team. For example, something like this:

Flowerdragon Brachys (Leader)
Earth Dragon
Mystic Stone Knight
Viper Orochi/any Evolved Ogre (Friend Leader)

Gold Metal Dragon Dungeon is here today! Similar but not all to Metal Dragon Dungeon, the Gold Metal Dragon differs from more coins! And its rarer to happen.

Every one Gold Metal Dragon gives out 1000 coins, Higher 5000, and King 10000. Moreover, Gold Metal Dragon only happens once per 3-4 weeks, or even a month! So if you have a King, save it and feed it to a Light Monster!

I guess I have to sell them all... $30000!!!
Today: One more run of gatekeeper
Wednesday: Grinding to level up some Light / Dark team
Thursday: Definitely all day Dragon plants!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Green Dragon Strategies!

This Saturday, I did a bit of Green Dragon since I have some extra stamina. So let's talk about the Green Dragon's status first:
Master Level: HP 33650, Damage 17160, Defense 62000, Turn 4
Expert Level: HP 16042, Damage 7994, Defense 31000, Turn 4
Adept Level: HP ~8000, Damage 4258, Defense 18600, Turn 4

There are three ways of beating him in general (regardless of the difficulties):

Strategy #1: BREAK HIS ARMOR
4x Fire, 5x Fire/Dragon Mix, or 6.25x Dragon (Fire-focused) Multiplier: If you have an Ancient Dragon Knight (ADK appreviated from now on), then you can probably use him to amplify your fire dragon team's damage using him being the leader. That is by far the only way to break his armor.

You can calculate the approximate amount of damage that you have to deal to break his armor.
(a) Fire deals x2 to Wood
(b) ADK x2.5 to all Dragon
(axb) x5 Damage, so if I have a fire dragon that has 800 damage, one single combo can amplify it to 4000.

Of course, 4000 is not enough to break the defense of 18600 or 31000. So the rest is for you to combo it up higher.

(a) All you need is a Neptune or a Succubus/Lilith. Survive your way through using a Fire x2/x4 team or what have you. When you reach the boss, use poison. Depending on which monster you use to poison him, it will take multiple turns until the poison kills him.

(b) Now since it takes multiple turns to kill him, you have to see if you have enough HP and Heart Gems to take his hit. For example, in Expert Level, he deals 7994 damage per 4 turns. If you need to play poison with him, you will have to either have a higher than 7994 HP and recovery your HP back in 4 turns, or bring yourself a Wood damage reducer.

You will hit 1 forever if you don't poison him or break his armor...
Check your MAX HP and see if you can take 1 hit!
Then heal up before he attacks you again!
Strategy #3: SHIVA!!!
This is by far the most recommended and effective way to run this dungeon. Using Shiva as one of your leaders, he not only multiplies the Fire damage and recovery by x1.5, he also has the skill of zeroing out all enemies defense in 1 turn (for now this skill called ERROR 95... LOL).

BUT, SLOW DOWN! Don't get too excited; Shiva's skill takes time to charge up. So if you meet any Goblin's or at round 5 Flowerdragon Brachys, do NOT kill them all until you have charged up Shiva's skill. Once charged, see if you have enough Fire Gems to make that call on using his skill because the skill only lasts ONE TURN.

And that's it for Green Dragon!
Sunday, I didn't do a lot of grindings though since I really wanted a Mystic Ice Knight.

Not sure if anyone notice, but every special event will have a certain period that doubles the drop rate, which is usually at its 10 1/2 day left, or 12 hours left before the event ends.

So I waited until 12 hours left and spent all my stamina on running Blizzard Dragon Master to see if I can encounter some Mystic Ice Knight. Nope, nope and nope. 3 runs gone and there goes my weekend :/

Mystic Knights will have a rare appearance on Expert and Master level on Legendary Dragon events. Even though they appear, the drop rate is low in Expert comparing to Master.

Well there goes the entry for today!

Tuesday: Maybe 1~2 runs of Keepers to evolve my Fire Team.
Wednesday: Green Dragon Master to hunt for Mystic Stone Knight!!
Thursday: Dragon Plants!!!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Early Entry of Legendary Blizzard Dragon - Master! Clear!

Today was a crazy day. I didn't notice last night that I almost leveled up (around 2k away from leveling). And of course in the morning, my stamina is almost full. So guess what!? I gave the Legendary Blizzard Dragon - Master Level a try!

I thought and thought. Eventually, I changed my team to the following:

Crystal Aurora Dragon Lv1 - skill deals 20000 damage. Definitely needs to be charged in case I encounter 5 devils. And also the 50% water damage reduction.
Flowerdragon Brachys Lv33 - wood damage; skill will be useful
Earth Dragon Lv55 - wood damage; skill will be useful; deals 3000 Wood Damage to all. So 6000 to all water monsters.
Keeper of Rainbow - to boost up my HP by 3000. Skill will be useful in case of urgent situations.
Naga Lv 55 - skill delays 3 turns. Boost back a bit of Hearts
Demon Viper Orochi Lv20 (partner leader): skill delays 5 turns! And with his leader skill perserverance to beat the boss. 

Of course there needs to be tons of luck in entering this dungeon. And indeed I was lucky; there wasn't 5 devils encounters; hearts keep dropping so I didn't run out of it. And I was able to alternatively use the skills when needed - for example, Crystal Aurora Dragon's skill when I face 4 devils, then a bit of wood damage to finish 1st round, next round flowerdragon/earth dragon's skill to finish the 2nd round, Naga to delay turns for 3rd round etc. Worse comes to worst, I still have Keeper of Rainbow's skill to add 50% reduction more to water damage.

Must use Viper Orochi or Ogre as leader to survive his hit.
Partner that saved my life
See that GOLD EGG dropping right there!!!
The hardest I encountered in this run was Round 9, 2 Sirens. I had to delay them and use 50% reduction from Rainbow of Keeper. My health was at 32/9182, 1 turn away from getting pwnt by two girls.

The risk was worth it! I leveled! And I can focus on other things now!

Today: Friday Dungeons to evolve my Baddies to feed Vampire Lord.
Weekend: Fire Technical Dungeon to get some Ruby Pengdras and set up for Green Dragon Master!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Progress: Blizzard Dragon Master

Decided to start a blog about the progression. Readers might love to see how I progressed without really having really powerful Gods and rare eggs.

Anyways, as of today, the Blizzard Dragon has only 3.5 days to go before I can hunt him down in Master Level. One week ago, I already know this will be really challenging without a decent wood team. So I expanded my box to save up some baby sapphire and emerald dragons (almost 16 of each). And farmed 8 of each pengdras until today (Thursday). Spending most of my stamina on Thursday event to get some flower plants, I finally got to evolve my Blizzard Dragon and some good Wood monsters leveled.

Here's my analysis:
Blizzard Dragon (Leader) - 50% water reduction for normal monsters
Flowerdragon Brachys - will get him to maybe lv30ish
Earth Dragon - Might be able to feed to lv70
Tavr Demon - hopefully can reach lv50 by 3 days.
Megalodran (Max skilled) - to change fire to heart every 5 turns
Viper Orochi - to use perseverance on miniboss and bosses. And Force on Siren or urgent situations.

The hardest encounter will be 5 devils. Since they deal 3510 per turn. Having Blizzard Dragon will only do some much that they can deal 8775 per turn total. So if this happens its pretty much over.

On the other hand, if I am able to charge up all the skills of the Dragons with the fact that I have Megalodran to use every 5 turns to heal up, I might survive the wave of the devils.

The second hardest encounter is probably the 2 Sirens in Round 9. Providing I have Blizzard Dragon, 5280 per 2 turns gives me 5280 total damage. I definitely have to use Viper Orochi's skill in this round to keep myself alive here.

The only downside of this team is its HP. While Tavr Demon has high attack, its HP is extremely low.

We will see how that works tomorrow.

Friday - Technical Dungeons for Pengdras to try to max level Tavr Demon.
Saturday - Probably same as Friday but maybe level up a bit on Blizzard Dragon.
Sunday - Deep Breath! And let's try it out!