Friday, January 4, 2013

Sky Dragon Dungeon #4 - Sky Dragon of Light

Happy New Years everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your countdown and new years! 2012 was lousy, let us hope 2013 is the new Era!

We have the Sky Dragon of Light guide today:
Adept Level (Stamina: 15)
Lil' White Dragon 708, 2, NA, NA
Topaz Carbuncle 820, 2, NA, NA
White Fighter 774, 3, NA, NA
Harpie Devil 508, 1, NA, NA

Holy Skydragon Shangri-La (Round 10): 1630, 2, NA, NA

Pretty straightforward, just have a 5-Star Healer with you as leader (Siren, Alraune, Archangel, or Amaterasu). And this should be fairly easy.
Expert Level (Stamina: 25)
Lil' White Dragon NA, 2, NA, NA
Topaz Carbuncle 1528, 2, NA, NA
White Knight 2444, 2, NA, NA
Harpie Devil 1280, 1, NA, NA
Mystic Light Knight NA, 3, NA, NA

Holy Dragon (Round 5): 1206, 2, NA, NA
Cupid x2 (Round 9): 1084, 2, NA, NA
Angel (Round 9): 2029, 2, NA, NA

Holy Skydragon Shangri-La (Round 10): 4453, 2, NA, NA

This can get tough. Boss hits 4453 per 2 turns. In other words, a normal 5-Star Healer will not be able to recover back to 4400 HP in time. Siren is definitely a recommendation since she can turn (Fire) Gems to Hearts. If your Siren's skill is low level (1 to 3), you might have to be really careful with how you use your Heart Gems. Getting an Echidna or another Healer in your team will give you some last resorts. Pay attention to your HP - 6500HP or higher is recommended. Otherwise, see team B:

Team A
Leader#1: 2x Dark Leader (Vampire Lord, Moondragon D'spinas, Tiamat)
Leader#2: Siren / Amaterasu
Subs: Mostly Dark + Echidna

Team B:
Leader#1: Lightning Holy Dragon / Angelion
Leader#2: Siren / Amaterasu
Subs: Mostly Dark + Echidna
Master Level (Stamina: 50)
White Knight 4146, 2, NA, NA
Harpie Devil 2828, 1, NA, NA
Mystic Light Knight 5229, 3, NA, NA

Holy Dragon (Round 5) 3390, 2, NA, NA
Angel x2 (Round 9) 4500, 2, 130970, 200

Holy Skydragon Shangri-La (Round 10): 6570, 2, 831900, 920

A stronger version of Team B mentioned as above will be a good recommendation. Highly recommend Chaos Devil Dragon in your team as sub to help deal some damage on Angels. Your hardest stage will be Round 9 and 5 Devils.

Leader#1: Lightning Holy Dragon
Leader#2: Siren / Amaterasu
Subs: Chaos Devil Dragon / Vampire Lord / any other strong Dark that has 800+ damage / Echidna

Please go back to the basics of how to encounter Master Level dungeons. I cannot use any other way to stress this more except from repeating myself over again every post on this blog. Know how to charge up skills every round by leaving one monster left in that round. Maxing Siren's skill is equally important for these No RCU dungeons.

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  1. Are you responsible for creating the Monster Book Excel spreadsheet? I was thinking about adding some enhancements to it, but I found it on a random website with no mention of how to get in touch with the author, or where the original copy of the document is hosted, so I don't know who to contribute changes back to, assuming I do make some.

    1. Hi Zachary,

      Yes. I'm the founder of the facebook group and the original creator of the Monster Book. If you have any changes and edits, please join our facebook group at

      You can feel free to edit it and update :)

      May I know where did you find the excel sheet?

  2. It was linked in the following forum thread:

    I noticed you included a page in the monster book about not to post it on any external forums without your permission, but your contact info is not in the document so it kind of hinders the ability to contact you for permission :)

    I wasn't aware of the Facebook group, I'll join it.