Friday, December 7, 2012

Skill #2: The Drag and Drop

Probably one of the most important skill that you need to master is the Drag and Drop.

Skill #2a: The Drag (Master Difficulty: Simple)
As the name of this skill implies, it is to "drag" the gems to desired spots. This skill is mostly used when the gems you desire to eliminate are far apart. The motion goes in small circles, but after every completed circle, you shift your finger one space farther, and so on as shown:

For this example, let us demonstrate with the green gems at the bottom row. 
Starting with  moving left from right of the green gem.
Move your finger and loop around again. Left being the same direction towards the gem.
Repeat the above step again.
And done! (Bad picture... there's suppose to be three greens there...)
Here's a link to a nice demonstration that I made and uploaded to show you how the drag can work nicely.

This video is purely focused on the Green Gems, but if time permits, the Drag can do a lot more on the other gems. (Such as the Light Gems above, credit to Chester Hung for mentioning)

Skill #2b: The Drop (Master Difficulty: Intermediate)
When gems are in bad positions or separated axially (meaning being separated by a different color vertically or horizontally), sometimes you can make use of this skill. The Drop is to eliminate the color of the gems that are separating the gems desired to allow the "top piece" and the "bottom piece" align. The following will show how it works:

Take a glance at where the "separated" gems are.
Use the color gems that can get eliminated between them.
If possible, don't only go with one combo for a Drop.
Every combo you make for one Drop gives you an extra combo!  (4 in total here)
Again, here's a short demonstration that I made and uploaded. Take a look :)

And if you have been practicing these skills including the Skill #1 Roundabout! Let's see if you can combine them and use them together! See the video below!

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