Monday, December 10, 2012

Sky Dragon Dungeons #1 - Sky Dragon of Flame

If you have not yet gotten either a Siren, Alraune or an Archangel, then it is about time you should think about spending some big time farming for one. Because Sky Dragon Dungeons has approached. This set of Dungeons do not have any Heart Gems. In other words, the only way to heal yourself up is to use the above mentioned healers as leaders or a gem changer to give yourself some Heart Gems.

As mentioned, the general strategy of challenging any of the Sky Dragon Dungeons would stay the same. For Adept, you will need a Healer as a leader. For Expert and Master, you will need a Healer AND a 50% Damage Reducer as leaders (Siren max skill as leader is highly recommended to give yourself some Heart Gems if needed.

Other than the mentioned above, Legendary Dragon strategies also apply - kill all but one left and charge up your skills every round. The following is the data for Sky Dragon of Flame.

The following chart will follow the sequence of [NAME, ATK, TURN, HP, DEF]
Sky Dragon of Flame - Adept (Stamina: 15)
Tyran -
Lil' Red Dragon 708, 3, NA, 20
Ruby Carbuncle 752, 2, NA, 42
Samurai Goblin NA, 4, NA, 42
Flame Fighter 773, 3, NA, 100
Flame Devil 490, 1, NA, NA

El Dorado 1072, 1, NA, NA
Sky Dragon of Flame - Expert (Stamina: 25)
Ruby Carbuncle NA, 2, NA, NA
Samurai Goblin NA, 4, NA, NA
Flame Knight ~2000, 2, NA, 135
Flame Devil 1237, 1, NA, NA
Mystic Fire Knight (rare) NA, 3, NA, 900

Firedragon Tyrannos (Round 5) 3125, 3, NA, 180
Naga x2 (Round 9) 810, 2, NA, 80
Echidna (Round 9) 1791, 2, NA, 96

El Dorado 2928, 1, 513010, NA
Sky Dragon of Flame - Master (Stamina: 50)
Flame Knight 3335, 2, 16164, NA
Flame Devil 2359, 1, 12914, NA
Mystic Fire Knight (rare) 4392, 3, NA, 630

Firedragon Tyrannos (Round 5) 5958, 3, 184524, 450
Echidna x2 (Round 9) 3416, 2, 97804, 240

El Dorado 4320, 1, 756900, NA

Expert / Master Strategy:
As mentioned and observed above, there is pretty much no way to sweep the boss in 1~2 rounds (of course unless your have a high end powerful team with x6.25) So the only strategy would be:

Muspelheim / Meteor Volcano Dragon / Megalodran (Leader)
Water Subs (highly recommend Crystal Aurora Dragon)
Alraune / Siren the Enchanter / Archangel (recommend Siren the Enchanter)

Pay sharp attention to your HP if you play Master Level. With the important fact that Siren's skill will not recover back to Max HP in time every turn, around 6000 HP or higher is recommended to give yourself some turns to use Siren's skill for some Heart Gems.

And again, the charging skill strategy applies in here. You do not want to end up facing 4-5 devils at the same turn without any skills to backup yourself.

And finally, some pictures :)

It has become a Master Level tradition to leave one Devil for skill charging!
Using the Siren strategy, you will never die with one Devil left.
Same applies to Firedragon Tyrannos.
Know when you should spend your Massive Attack.
And of course, the worst case scenario would be to use skills.
In this case my Crystal Aurora Dragon's Blizzard Ball
(I think Frost Blast is a better name... what the hell is a ball anyways...)
Even two Echidna's cannot overcome Siren's power!
And finally - El Dorado! Remember to get some Heart Gems
because Siren itself cannot recover fast enough!
And BAM! The beautiful El Dorado!
Shouldn't be too challenging if you follow the strategy :) Good luck!
Today - Sky Dragon of Flame; hunt some Mystic Fire Knight's in Master
Tuesday - Gatekeepers and maybe Ruby Dungeon.
Wednesday - Mystic Masks! Time to get some for storage

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