Friday, January 25, 2013

Mechdragon #1 - Flame Mechdragon

I would like to apologize again for the late update on the Mechdragon series. There's no other words than these one to express my MIA days :(

Let's first talk about the major difference. Mechdragon is separated into FOUR difficulties: Adept, Expert being Normal dungeons; Master, Legend being Technical dungeons (Technical dungeons only appear after completing Castle of Satan)

Do not, I repeat, do not underestimate the master difficulty and think it is the same difficulty as Master Level in Sky Dragon or Legendary Dragon series. The skills that Mechdragons use are extremely powerful and consists of multi-hits, which implies that Resolve or Preservance leader skill will NOT work. The general tip for encountering Mechdragon technical dungeons are 75% damage reduction (two defensive dragon leaders, or Greek God leaders) with 12000+ HP (depends on damage). Make sure to calculate the damage that will be dealt by the skill - by multiplying 25%.
Adept Level (Stamina:15, Round:5)
Ruby Carbuncle 752, 2, X, 42
Flame Fighter 773, 3, X, 70
Pyro Devil 490, 1, X 280

Fire Mechdragon Betelgeuse (Round:5) 2191, 2, 159516, 224

Strategy: For an adept level, 2.1k damage per 2 turns is really tough. Make sure your HP has around 4000 or bring a 30%/50% reduction leader with you. Make sure recovery is around 500. And it should be easy to clear.
Expert Level (Stamina:25, Round:10)
Samurai Ogre 4800, 4, X, 0
Flame Knight 2278, 2, X, 135
Pyro Demon 1941, 2, X, 880

Fitredragon Turannos (Round:5) 4069, 3, X, 225
Naga x2 (Round:9) 810, 2, X, 80
Echidna (Round:9) 3416, 2, X, 168

Fire Mechdragon Betelgeuse (Round:10) 5536, 2, 40297, 448

Strategy: A completely different difficulty as expert level. A 50% reduction probably is a must unless your HP has more than 7000 and is able to recovery in time. The most recommended strategy would be x2 Water and 50% reduction.

Leader#1: Icedragon Plesios / Idunn & Idunna
Leader#2: Meteor Volcano Dragon / Minerva / Megalodran / Flare Drall
Subs: Aurora Dragon / Siren / Fenrir Knight / any water / Rainbow Keeper (if HP is not enough)
Master Level (Stamina:40, Round:10)
Samurai Ogre 9150, 3, X, 0 (Skill: energy charge - hits 18300 next attack turn)
Pyro Demon 3700, 1, X, 1540 (Skill: seals all water attributes)
Flame Chimera 5184, 2, X, 350 (Skill: double hit - 7060)
Mystic Flame Knight X, 3, X, X

Magma Chimera (Round:5) 9884, 2, 570757, 980
(Skill#1: randomly seal any two members)
(Skill#2: double hit - 18382)
Mars Light Carbuncle x2 (Round:9) 6500, 2, 209167, 600 (Skill: Cure)

Fire Mechdragon Betelgeuse (Round:10) 10552, 2, 768194, 784
Skill#1: Energy Charge - hits 31660 next attack turn
Skill#2: Cannon - Multi-hit totals 29552, uses more when HP < 50%
Skill#3: Auto Repair - cures 50% of HP when HP is lower than 20%

Strategy: There's pretty much no way to clear this level except with 75% reduction. Let's do a calculation here - 31660 x 25% = 7915. So in 2 turns you have to make sure that you can recover in time in case he shoots a cannon at you 2 turns later. HP wise, you should have at least 10000 HP to be free from the danger zone, and recovery should be around 1000. That being said, Siren max skill is almost mandatory.

On the side note, you MUST kill the Pyro Demons first at all cost because they will seal your water attribute members. If that happens, there's a high chance they will do it again and its pretty much over if that happens. For Magma Chimera, he may seal your leader, and if that happens, your leader skill will be deactivated (18382 x 50% = 9191. And that's why you need 10000HP). It is also recommended to have Echidna with you if your subs are weak and HP do not hit the 10000HP mark. Echidna's skill will allow you to delay the turns until the seal is over. Everything else remains the same in Master Level, charge up your skill every turn with one monster left.

One more extra tip will be charging your massive damage skills before you damage Mechdragon's HP to lower than 20%. If you have an Idunn and Idunna, then use her and blast all your skills and water gems to hope for a one hit kill without him having a chance to use Auto Repair.

Leader #1: Meteor Volcano Dragon
Leader #2: Meteor Volcano Dragon
Subs: Twin Goddess Idunn & Idunna (Lv50+), Fenrir Knight Kamui (Lv60+), Crystal Aurora Dragon (Lv50+), Rainbow Keeper (for HP Boost), Siren the Enchanter (Max skill, Lv40+), Echidna (Lv40+).
Legend Level (Stamina:50, Round:10)

Samurai Ogre 13500, 3, X, 0 (Skill: energy charge - hits 27000 next attack turn)
Pyro Demon 5460, 1, X, 2200 (Skill: seals all water attributes)
Flame Chimera 7652, 2, X, 500 (Skill: double hit - 10710)
Mystic Flame Knight 6480, 3, X, X

Magma Chimera (Round:5) 14580, 2, 570757, 980
(Skill#1: randomly seal any two members)
(Skill#2: double hit - 20416)
Mars Light Carbuncle x2 (Round:9) 6500, 2, 209167, 600 (Skill: Cure)

Fire Mechdragon Betelgeuse (Round:10) 10552, 2, 768194, 784
Skill#1: Energy Charge - hits 46712 next attack turn
Skill#2: Cannon - Multi-hit totals 43600, uses more when HP < 50%
Skill#3: Auto Repair - cures 50% of HP when HP is lower than 20%

Strategy: remains the same as Master. But HP has to be 13000+ instead (46712 x 25% = 11678). If Chimera seals one of the leaders, 20416 x 50% = 10208. If you do not have 13000 HP, you must want to put an extra Rainbow Keeper in your team.

The rest, depends on your own judgement. At this point in time, this is like playing a chess game - when to use Rainbow Keeper's skill, Siren's skill, Echidna's skill, or when to use your water gems.

Good luck hunting!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sky Dragon Dungeon #5 - Sky Dragon of Dark

I'm trying to keep thins updated and post Mechadragon guides ASAP. So I will keep this guide of Sky Dragon of Dark short, since it will be pretty similar to the previous ones - Healer leader, 50% reduction leader, and powerful subs.

Adept Level (Stamina: 15 / Round: 10)

Lil' Black Dragon X, 3, X, 20
Amethyst Carbuncle 864, 2, X, 4
Black Fighter 915, 3, X, 70
Bloody Devil 519, 1, X, 280

Night Skydragon Elysion (Round 10): 1630, 1, 225047, 276

Nothing specifically hard. Having a 5-Star Healer as leader will get you through this easily.


Expert Level (Stamina: 25 / Round: 10)

Lil' Black Dragon X, 3, X, 40
Amethyst Carbuncle 1611, 2, X, 70
Black Knight 2486, 2, X, 135
Bloody Devil 1312, 1, X, 560
Mystic Dark Knight X, 3, X, X

Devil Dragon (Round 5) 1280, 3, 19466, 180
Succubus x2 (Round 9) 1170, 2, 14700, 80
Lilith (Round 9) 2112, 2, 61973, 96

Night Skydragon Elysion (Round 10) 4453, 1, 614677, 644

Boss attacks 4453 per round. This is probably the toughest fight in all Expert Level dungeons. Keep a max level Siren with you and a 50% reduction leader. Of course if you have an Amaterasu leader, then this shouldn't be a tough fight.


Master Level (Stamina: 50 / Round: 10)

Black Knight 4216, 2, X, 216
Bloody Devil 2897, 1, X, 1120
Mystic Dark Knight 5276, 3, X, X

Devil Dragon (Round 5) 3600, 3, 54750, 450
Lilith x2 (Round 9) 4664, 2, 136856, 192

Night Skydragon Elysion (Round 10) 6570, 1, 906900, 920

Similar to Expert Level except that the mobs hits way harder. Amaterasu leader is highly recommended, otherwise Siren (max skill) leader is a must to replace Amaterasu. High level subs with Light Attributes are also highly recommended to ease the difficulty of fighting against devils.

Team recommendation:
Leader#1: Amaterasu, Siren (max skill)
Leader#2: Chaos Devil Dragon, Drawn Joker, Hades, Dual attribute Minerva/Neptune/Ceres/Venus/Hades
Subs: Verche (4 or 5 star), Holy Lightning Dragon, Rainbow Keeper, Harpie Demon, any Light that can has 800+ damage.

Again, don't sweep the round. Leave one mob, charge up your skill every round or at round 5, 8, 9. Should have no problem if you are used to playing against Sky Dragon Series.

Cheers and wait for the Mechadragon Series guide soon!

(pictures to be uploaded)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Skill #3: Start Low - and Clean Up the Mess.

Here's one of the basic skills that I find a lot of players neglected!

Playing it subconsciously, you will always want to use the color gems that you can deal damage with. But continuously doing that for around 3-5 turns, you will notice that most of the unrelated color gems are starting  to build up.

There are two ways of dealing with this:

Skill #3a - Start Low (Level: Basic)
"Start Low" is a skill to remind you that, the more you attack, the more unrelated gems you will stack up at the bottom of your screen, like below:
Oh I need to attack with green!
Oh wait... now what...?
There's three more... lets attack!
Dropped more!
Now what again...

This is a BAD EXAMPLE. Don't do so unless you are confident or just rushing to finish the dungeon!

So, why not start with the bottom of the screen, and slowly build some combos using the unrelated gem to move them around? That way, not only do those unrelated gems get eliminated off your screen, but also helps you combo up your damage! You are killing two birds with one stone! The following video will show you guys how to start at the bottom rows to make some combos.


Skill #3b - Clean Up the Mess (Level: Intermediate)
"Clean Up the Mess" is another good way of dealing with something like this. It is to use up one turn to eliminate most of the unrelated (or weak damage) color gems. The following is video of me using this skill - while cleaning up the mess, I can still deal decent damage and keeping every turn a chance to attack again!
See all those green gems there? These are "irrelevant" gems.
If you can, eliminate them while do some combos.
See all those green (irrelevant) gems again?
Clear them up using one turn. Makes your life easier next turn!
The following is a really nice video using this skill to combo up with some nice damages.

Applying these skills on top of #1 and #2 will definitely refine your combos in harder dungeons.

Was a short one, but hope you guys enjoy :)

Friday, January 4, 2013

Sky Dragon Dungeon #4 - Sky Dragon of Light

Happy New Years everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your countdown and new years! 2012 was lousy, let us hope 2013 is the new Era!

We have the Sky Dragon of Light guide today:
Adept Level (Stamina: 15)
Lil' White Dragon 708, 2, NA, NA
Topaz Carbuncle 820, 2, NA, NA
White Fighter 774, 3, NA, NA
Harpie Devil 508, 1, NA, NA

Holy Skydragon Shangri-La (Round 10): 1630, 2, NA, NA

Pretty straightforward, just have a 5-Star Healer with you as leader (Siren, Alraune, Archangel, or Amaterasu). And this should be fairly easy.
Expert Level (Stamina: 25)
Lil' White Dragon NA, 2, NA, NA
Topaz Carbuncle 1528, 2, NA, NA
White Knight 2444, 2, NA, NA
Harpie Devil 1280, 1, NA, NA
Mystic Light Knight NA, 3, NA, NA

Holy Dragon (Round 5): 1206, 2, NA, NA
Cupid x2 (Round 9): 1084, 2, NA, NA
Angel (Round 9): 2029, 2, NA, NA

Holy Skydragon Shangri-La (Round 10): 4453, 2, NA, NA

This can get tough. Boss hits 4453 per 2 turns. In other words, a normal 5-Star Healer will not be able to recover back to 4400 HP in time. Siren is definitely a recommendation since she can turn (Fire) Gems to Hearts. If your Siren's skill is low level (1 to 3), you might have to be really careful with how you use your Heart Gems. Getting an Echidna or another Healer in your team will give you some last resorts. Pay attention to your HP - 6500HP or higher is recommended. Otherwise, see team B:

Team A
Leader#1: 2x Dark Leader (Vampire Lord, Moondragon D'spinas, Tiamat)
Leader#2: Siren / Amaterasu
Subs: Mostly Dark + Echidna

Team B:
Leader#1: Lightning Holy Dragon / Angelion
Leader#2: Siren / Amaterasu
Subs: Mostly Dark + Echidna
Master Level (Stamina: 50)
White Knight 4146, 2, NA, NA
Harpie Devil 2828, 1, NA, NA
Mystic Light Knight 5229, 3, NA, NA

Holy Dragon (Round 5) 3390, 2, NA, NA
Angel x2 (Round 9) 4500, 2, 130970, 200

Holy Skydragon Shangri-La (Round 10): 6570, 2, 831900, 920

A stronger version of Team B mentioned as above will be a good recommendation. Highly recommend Chaos Devil Dragon in your team as sub to help deal some damage on Angels. Your hardest stage will be Round 9 and 5 Devils.

Leader#1: Lightning Holy Dragon
Leader#2: Siren / Amaterasu
Subs: Chaos Devil Dragon / Vampire Lord / any other strong Dark that has 800+ damage / Echidna

Please go back to the basics of how to encounter Master Level dungeons. I cannot use any other way to stress this more except from repeating myself over again every post on this blog. Know how to charge up skills every round by leaving one monster left in that round. Maxing Siren's skill is equally important for these No RCU dungeons.

(Pictures to be uploaded)