Monday, December 3, 2012

Legendary Evil Dragon

Long waited the Legendary Evil Dragon, Dark elemented and known to have the most fierceness out of all Legendaries.
Adept (15 Stamina):

Lil' Black Dragon ATK 819 per 3 TURNS
Amethyst Carbuncle ATK 1780 per 2 TURNS
Black Knight ATK 675 per 3 TURNS
Bloody Devil ATK 916 per 1 TURN

Helheim ATK 2748 per 2 TURNS

Even Adept level can be tough to handle if you are not careful enough. A good recommendation would be a x2 Multiplier (any element) with a damage reduction as another leader; doesn't necessary has to be -50%; or a 5 Star Healer as another leader if any of your friends has one. On the safe side, you might want to have around 6000 HP.
Expert (25 Stamina):

Lil' Black Dragon ATK 1770 per 3 TURNS
Amethyst Carbuncle ATK 1985 per 2 TURNS
Black Knight ATK 2486 per 2 TURNS
Bloody Devil ATK 1708 per 1 TURN

Mystic Dark Knight (rare encounter) ATK 6720(?) per 3 TURNS

Devil Dragon (Round 5) HP 54000 ATK 1280 per 3 TURNS
Succubus x2 (Round 9) HP 14700 ATK 1170 per 2 TURNS
Lilith (Round 9) HP 80693 ATK 2112 per 2 TURNS

Helheim HP 194786 ATK 5125 per 2 TURNS

I'll make this short since the strategy, as you all might know, are repetitive.

Strategy #1: 50% Dark Damage Reduction (Recommended)
Chaos Devil Dragon (Leader #1)
Any subs (Light preferable if you saved some Harpies or Holy Dragon from the previous Legendary Dungeon)
Any x2 Multiplier that helps your subs (Leader #2)

Strategy #2: Pure color Stack Multiplier
Just have the whole team the same color and have a x2 for both leaders. Make sure your damage is around 3000. You will have to take him out in 4-6 turns since you might not be able to recover in time.

Strategy #3: Any 5 Star healer with Regen + x2 Multiplier (Recommended)
Self explanatory. You heal around 3500 HP per 2 turns when Helheim hits 5125. On top of that, your healer will have skill to recover your HP. Siren is recommended since she can make you some Heart Gems.
Master (50 Stamina):
Black Knight HP ~26000 ATK 5370 per 2 TURNS DEF 270
Bloody Devil HP ~19000 ATK 3690 per 1 TURN DEF 1400
Mystic Dark Knight ATK 6720 per 3 TURNS

Devil Dragon (Round 5) HP ~54000 ATK 3600 per 3 TURNS DEF 450
Lilith x2 (Round 9) HP ~170000 ATK 5940 per 2 TURNS DEF 240

Helheim HP 454650 ATK 11070 per 2 TURNS DEF 620

Similar strategy to Legendary Mech Dragon Master level:
Strategy #1: 50% Dark Damage Reduction + Siren the Enchantress (max skilled) (Recommended)
Chaos Devil Dragon (Leader #1)
Light / high damage subs (5 Star 20000 damage to all Dragons recommended)
Rainbow Keeper
Siren the Enchantress

You will probably need some really high damage subs strategy. Devils will be again a really bad pain in the butt. On top of that, the risk is most of you probably do not have a Mystic Light Knight to get yourself some light gems, so having a light sub team will be also really difficult. Recommended mixed subs would be two Harpie devils max leveled + rainbow keeper.

Strategy #2: 75% Dark Damage Reduction (Recommended)
Chaos Devil Dragon (Leader #1 & #2)
Light / high damage subs (5 Star 20000 damage to all Dragons recommended)
Rainbow Keeper
Any 1 Healer

This will keep yourself healed up while doing some slow crawling damage to the minions. A healer might be needed to be in your team to provide some recovery.

One thing why I put Rainbow Keeper in is because he has high status and given a bad situation, last resort you have Rainbow Keeper's skill to reduce an extra 50% damage for 3 turns whenever you need it. That reminds me to give out a tip about when to use his skill specifically - when his hit turn is left at 1. Reason being is that, Helhelm hits every 2 turns, so using Rainbow Keeper's skill at 1 turn left will help you reduce two of his hits; on the other hand, using his skill at 2 turns left will only help you reduce one hit.

Strategy #3 4x Light (NOT Recommended)
Sundragon (Leader #1 & #2)
Lightning Holy Dragon
Verche (high end)

The most unique light team. Definitely can kill Helheim in 4-5 turns providing that Echidna's skill is used. Simple but risky.
Again, above all of the strategies mentioned, there are of course some mix and match that you can create yourself. And don't forget the tips I posted in Legendary Mech Dragon post - Recharge with one monster left in screen including Round 5, kill one Miniboss in Round 9 first and recharge your skill.

Good luck hunting!

Today: Emerald Dungeon! Got some Pengdras ready for them!
Tuesday/Wednesday: Legendary Mech / Evil Dragon Master to get some good feeds

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