Thursday, December 6, 2012

Skill #1: The Roundabout

I have decided to start providing some gem-moving skills to help out some of you that has troubles moving gems effectively while the gems are distributed in bad positions. A majority of you guys that lacked or never really thought about, was the power and extra combos that these skills can give out. Let us start with this intermediate skill to improve your gem movements and combos.

Skill #1: The Roundabout (Master Difficulty: Intermediate)

One of the most common trouble that players encounter are "locked" gems. Here is a demonstration of what it means - let's just say I want to use dark and water gems at the same time. But looking at the below situation, the water gem on the bottom left is "locked" by the dark gems.

The reason why this skill is named Roundabout is because you are making one circular motion to align the dark gems, while at the same time "freed" up the water gems. Starting with the water gem on the bottom left, you move in order: up, left, down, right, and back up as shown.

Start here...
Back up and do your thing
Combo done!
Here are two videos that I purposely made and uploaded to demonstrate how this works: first one being a simple one to show how to free up the locked gems, and second one showing how this skill can combine with combos.

There's a reason why I purposely make this guide guys! Start practicing this type of skill and combo it up!

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