Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sky Dragon Dungeon #2 - Sky Dragon of Water

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Are you guys ready for Christmas? I don't know what I can gift but per Facebook group ( if you haven't checked it out), my lovely members would like me to post the upcoming Poring Tower. So please look forward in the next upcoming days, for I will post a strategy guide to the famous MMORPG Ragnarok Online collaboration Poring Tower!

Back on topic. Sky Dragon of Water.

If you haven't gotten familiar with the set of Sky Dragon dungeons, they are special events that has no Heart Gems throughout the whole dungeon unless gem changing skills are used. So the basics of the basics would be to have a 5-star regen healer (Siren, Archangel, Alraune or Amaterasu) as leader. If you do not have a 5-star healer, a heart gem changer as sub also might work with a damage reduction leader at lower levels.

 Let's look at the data: (ATK, TURN, HP, DEF)

Adept Level (Stamina: 15) 

Lil' Blue Dragon 834, 3, NA, 20
Sapphire Carbuncle 774, 2, NA, 42
Marine Goblin 1139, 4, NA, 42
Aqua Fighter 819, 3, NA, 70
Frost Devil 494, 1, NA, 280

Blue Skydragon Nirai Kanai (Round 10) 2189, 2, NA 276


Expert level (Stamina: 25)

Sapphire Carbuncle 1444,2, NA, 70
Marine Goblin 2125, 4, NA, 70
Aqua Knight 2319, 2, NA, 135
Frost Devil 1248, 1, NA, 560
Mystic Ice Knight ~4000, 3, NA, NA
Lil' Blue Dragon NA, 3, NA, 40

Icedragon Plesios (Round 5) 3445, 4, NA, 180
Mermaid x2 (Round 9) 900, 2, NA, 80
Siren (Round 9) 1877, 2, NA, 96

Blue Skydragon Nirai Kanai (Round 10) 5978, 2, 614696, 644


Master Level (Stamina: 50)
Aqua Knight 3934, 2, 19317, 216
Frost Devil 2756, 1, 15077, 1120
Mystic Ice Knight 5135, 3, NA, 720


Icedragon Plesios (Round 5) 7608, 4, 225544, 360
Siren x2 (Round 9) 4146, 2, 115190, 192

Blue Skydragon Nirai Kanai (Round 10) 8820, 2, 906900, 920


For Adept or Expert, you don't necessarily need any wood subs. For Master Level, Siren will not recover more than how much boss damages. So you must use Siren's skill frequently to get yourself some heart gems. Make sure combos are not done with Fire Gems because Siren will need them! The following are good recommendations for encountering Master Level.

Remember, the Master Level basics never changes. Damage reduction and healer. Charge up skills and gems round-by-round.

Charge up most of your skills in the first few rounds...
In case of danger, your skills will come in handy.
Round 5 Miniboss is always a good place to recharge your skills
Again, save up some gems and charge up skill before...
... encountering the Sky Dragon! Nirai Kanai!

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