Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wednesday Dungeon - Room of Masks Expert

The long waited guide to the Wednesday Dungeon - Room of Masks (specifically Expert) is here!

First things first, what is Wednesday Dungeon? This dungeon contains the masks that you will need to evolve a lot of your monsters to the next form. Moreover, Divine Masks, which is the ingredient to most of the last form evolution, will be found in the expert level. 

Sounds easy? No. Exactly the other way around. All Divine Masks deals 9999 damage to you. Yes, you didn't read it wrong. It's 9999. Here is the stats:
Room of Masks (10 stamina)
Any Evolve Mask HP 5(?) ATK 200-500 per 1 TURN

Miniboss (Round 4):
Crimson Demon Mask HP 15 ATK 2406 per 8 TURNS DEF 4000
Indigo Demon Mask HP 15 ATK 2481 per 8 TURNS DEF 4000
Azure Demon Mask HP 15 ATK 2556 per 8 TURNS DEF 4000

Boss (Round 5):
Golden Demon Mask HP 15 ATK 2631 per 8 TURNS DEF 4000
Violet Demon Mask HP 15 ATK 2706 per 8 TURNS DEF 4000
Room of Masks - Expert (25 stamina)

Any Divine Masks HP 18 ATK 9999 per 5 TURNS DEF 60000
Any Demon Masks HP 8 ATK 2400~2700 per 8 TURNS DEF 4000

Random Encounter (Round 1~4)
Mystic Mask HP 20 ATK 4000 per 1 TURN DEF 100000

Miniboss (Round 4):
Divine Carmine Mask HP 18 ATK 9999 per 5 TURNS DEF 60000
Divine Indigo Mask HP 18 ATK 9999 per 5 TURNS DEF 60000
Divine Azure Mask HP 18 ATK 9999 per 5 TURNS DEF 60000

Boss (Round 5):
Divine Gold Mask HP 18 ATK 9999 per 5 TURNS DEF 60000
Divind Onyx Mask HP 18 ATK 9999 per 5 TURNS DEF 60000
Mystic Mask HP 20 ATK 4000 per 1 TURN DEF 100000
Nothing really to talk about in the "Adept" Level since it should all be straight forward providing your damage has more than 4000 if comboed up.

Here's the Expert Level information. In general, the following strategy will assume 5~6 same elements are used because you will always hit 1 to Divine Masks unless you break their armor, and having the same elements will help you use less gems to deal more hits.

You will need to mix and match any tactics listed below; and it is up to you which tactics you choose as long as its not risky.

Tactic #1 - Bring Poison
Poison will always help you instantly sweep any Masks in that round. 

Tactic #2 - Bring Shiva
Shiva will zero out all monsters' defense for 1 turn. Moreover, the effect carries forward if you are able to sweep that round in the same turn that Shiva used his skill.

Tactic #3 - Bring Resolver
If you get hit once, its most likely you are dead unless you have more than 10000 HP, so bring a leader with resolve, Viper Orochi is even better.

Tactic #4 - Higher than 10000 HP
Get an Indian God leader, Shiva preferably since his skill comes in handy, to boost up your HP over 10000 HP, the 1 hit that you might not be able to avoid can get you saved.

Tactic #5 - Gem Changers
There's nothing worse than running out of the color gems you need. Bring a gem changer with you.

Tactic #6 - Delay Turns
Naga, Echidna, Viper Orochi can delay hit turns from enemies. Tagging them along will get your butt lifted a bit.

Here are two good examples of some Mix and Matches: 

Titan (Resolve) / Echidna (Turn Delay) / Succubus (Poison) / Gatekeeper (Damage Reduction) 
Vampire Lord (Gem Change) / Gatekeeper (Damage Reduction) / Succubus (Poison) / Megalodran (Gem Change) 

General Strategy:

No matter what, you will need to charge up skills in Round 1, which is facing against two random Demon Mask. To ensure that you charge up your skill without getting killed (they do hit hard you know), try to kill one of them first. And again, don't combo it. You are trying to NOT sweep them.

Sometimes gems falling after an elimination will combo up and unexpectedly sweep the round, ending up not being able to charge skills. As soon as you see this happen, try to target the element that is strong against yours like the following picture. This will reduce the chance of sweeping them.

Target the strong-against element if random combo stacked up from falling gems!
Starting from Round 2, Divine Masks will start to appear, and (un)luckily 4 will appear at the same time. Therefore, charging up your poison or turn delay pretty much is a must!

Starting Round 2, anything like this can happen (2 Divine Masks)
You will also get random encounters from Mystic Mask, if unlucky, unexpectedly Round 1. This could be bad because you have not yet charged up any of your skills, and its HP is 20 and deals 4000 damage per 1 turn. So your team will have to have an averagely high HP and recovery if you want to survive this encounter.

Random Encounter! Be careful!
The good new is, random encounter will always give you a 100% drop!
100% Drop from random encounter! :)
And finally, here's a video that I recorded to demonstrate the skill of Poison and Third Eye from Shiva. Spare 30 seconds in this video and you will see the power of it. It is pretty much a guarantee win if you charged their skills.

Happy Hunting!
Today - 1/2 Stamina Dark Dungeon! Vampire Lord's skill leveling. Rest goes to Legendary Mech / Evil Dragon to hunt for some rare drops (Mystic Knights)
Thursday - Whole day Dragon Plants!
Friday - Legendary Mech / Evil Dragon for rare drops. Maybe Friday dungeon for Amelits.


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