Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thursday Dungeon - Hunt for the Dragon Plants!

Sorry to you guys that were waiting n for a guide to Wednesday Dungeon; I didn't want to write it yet because I didn't have pictures taken.

More important though is Thursday dungeon! Do you have your boxes expanded enough? Because it's stocking up time! Every two weeks, the trio metal dragon dungeons come out, and with all those baby metal dragons in your box, you are indeed wanting to feed them to your team. DON'T DO IT! Not only is it not worth the coins and experience, but you also are missing out on evolving the fatty chickens (pengdras really), which gives 45000 exp when evolved and fed, obtainable in technical dungeons and evolvable using one dragon plant and two (colored) baby metal dragons.

With the fact that you will probably use some stamina on running these dungeons at least twice per color, you can count already how many of these dragon plants and pengdras you need to stock up BEFORE HAND.

Let's make an example:
1) I want to do 2 runs per dungeon appearance
2) The dungeon appears 3 times per day
3) At least 3 baby dragons drop per run
4) That's a total of 18 baby dragons, which means 9 dragon plants are needed to pair up to evolve the pengdras!

And we are only talking about one color. If there's three colors per two weeks? You do the math :)
18 x 3 = 54, You need to save up 27 Dragon Plants per two weeks if you want to go with the above plan!

If you are lucky, you can get 3~4 per run!
Yum! Another 3!
Haven't stocked up yet? Stop reading and hurry! :)

Friday - If stamina permits, will go with some Baddies and Amelits for Vampire Lord
Weekend - Set up for Legendary Green Dragon Master Level; probably at the same time Legendary Mech Dragon Master Level.


  1. Great blog, keep it up!

    Loving this game and this is very helpful :)

    1. Hi Peter,

      Thanks :)
      If you haven't though, please check out our facebook group at

      We have tons of support, information, experiences and even Metal Dragon Schedules to help you with your advancements!