Friday, November 23, 2012

Early Entry of Legendary Blizzard Dragon - Master! Clear!

Today was a crazy day. I didn't notice last night that I almost leveled up (around 2k away from leveling). And of course in the morning, my stamina is almost full. So guess what!? I gave the Legendary Blizzard Dragon - Master Level a try!

I thought and thought. Eventually, I changed my team to the following:

Crystal Aurora Dragon Lv1 - skill deals 20000 damage. Definitely needs to be charged in case I encounter 5 devils. And also the 50% water damage reduction.
Flowerdragon Brachys Lv33 - wood damage; skill will be useful
Earth Dragon Lv55 - wood damage; skill will be useful; deals 3000 Wood Damage to all. So 6000 to all water monsters.
Keeper of Rainbow - to boost up my HP by 3000. Skill will be useful in case of urgent situations.
Naga Lv 55 - skill delays 3 turns. Boost back a bit of Hearts
Demon Viper Orochi Lv20 (partner leader): skill delays 5 turns! And with his leader skill perserverance to beat the boss. 

Of course there needs to be tons of luck in entering this dungeon. And indeed I was lucky; there wasn't 5 devils encounters; hearts keep dropping so I didn't run out of it. And I was able to alternatively use the skills when needed - for example, Crystal Aurora Dragon's skill when I face 4 devils, then a bit of wood damage to finish 1st round, next round flowerdragon/earth dragon's skill to finish the 2nd round, Naga to delay turns for 3rd round etc. Worse comes to worst, I still have Keeper of Rainbow's skill to add 50% reduction more to water damage.

Must use Viper Orochi or Ogre as leader to survive his hit.
Partner that saved my life
See that GOLD EGG dropping right there!!!
The hardest I encountered in this run was Round 9, 2 Sirens. I had to delay them and use 50% reduction from Rainbow of Keeper. My health was at 32/9182, 1 turn away from getting pwnt by two girls.

The risk was worth it! I leveled! And I can focus on other things now!

Today: Friday Dungeons to evolve my Baddies to feed Vampire Lord.
Weekend: Fire Technical Dungeon to get some Ruby Pengdras and set up for Green Dragon Master!

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