Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Gatekeepers and Gold Metal Dragon!

It's Tuesday again. And time to write a guide to facing the gatekeepers! Most but not all already know how to beat the trios. The hard dungeon of course is the Gatekeeper of Rainbow.

Let's start with the Trios.
Minions: hits 1000-1300. Can appear in a group of 5. As long as you have a decent team using a multiplier as leader. There's nothing difficult to beat 5 of them.
Gatekeeper of Dark/Light: hits 3023 per 3 turns. Random encounter at Round 4/9.
Gatekeeper of Red/Blue/Green (Boss): hits 3023 per 3 turns. HP ~160000.

Aside from these, there are rare appearances of Golems showing up. They don't hit hard (~1300).
If you are lucky enough, this is want you can get :)

Gatekeeper of Rainbow could be a pain in the ass:
Minions: hits ~2300 per 2 turns. Can appear in a group of 4. If you do not have a strong team, you can get killed immediately.
Gatekeeper of Dark/Light (Round 4 Miniboss): hits 12764 per 3 turns. HP 844760. Defense 600. Fixed encounter.
Gatekeeper of Rainbow (Boss): hits 22200 per 5 turns. HP 1057660. Defense 1550.

Notice that at Round 4 and 5, they both hit more than 12k. So its obvious that the tactic has to be Resolve. I definitely would recommend using a x2 Multiplier Resolve team. For example, something like this:

Flowerdragon Brachys (Leader)
Earth Dragon
Mystic Stone Knight
Viper Orochi/any Evolved Ogre (Friend Leader)

Gold Metal Dragon Dungeon is here today! Similar but not all to Metal Dragon Dungeon, the Gold Metal Dragon differs from more coins! And its rarer to happen.

Every one Gold Metal Dragon gives out 1000 coins, Higher 5000, and King 10000. Moreover, Gold Metal Dragon only happens once per 3-4 weeks, or even a month! So if you have a King, save it and feed it to a Light Monster!

I guess I have to sell them all... $30000!!!
Today: One more run of gatekeeper
Wednesday: Grinding to level up some Light / Dark team
Thursday: Definitely all day Dragon plants!


  1. Another good strategy is use Awakened Odin. The rainbow keeper only deal about 4400 damage every 5 turns when you have full HP. I used Thor, Amaterasu, verche, echnida and a rainbow keeper with Odin as friend leader. I didn't even have to use echnida or Amaterasu ability but was nice for piece if mind if I needed it. Thanks for all the write ups! Your strategies have helped me greatly. :)