Monday, November 26, 2012

Green Dragon Strategies!

This Saturday, I did a bit of Green Dragon since I have some extra stamina. So let's talk about the Green Dragon's status first:
Master Level: HP 33650, Damage 17160, Defense 62000, Turn 4
Expert Level: HP 16042, Damage 7994, Defense 31000, Turn 4
Adept Level: HP ~8000, Damage 4258, Defense 18600, Turn 4

There are three ways of beating him in general (regardless of the difficulties):

Strategy #1: BREAK HIS ARMOR
4x Fire, 5x Fire/Dragon Mix, or 6.25x Dragon (Fire-focused) Multiplier: If you have an Ancient Dragon Knight (ADK appreviated from now on), then you can probably use him to amplify your fire dragon team's damage using him being the leader. That is by far the only way to break his armor.

You can calculate the approximate amount of damage that you have to deal to break his armor.
(a) Fire deals x2 to Wood
(b) ADK x2.5 to all Dragon
(axb) x5 Damage, so if I have a fire dragon that has 800 damage, one single combo can amplify it to 4000.

Of course, 4000 is not enough to break the defense of 18600 or 31000. So the rest is for you to combo it up higher.

(a) All you need is a Neptune or a Succubus/Lilith. Survive your way through using a Fire x2/x4 team or what have you. When you reach the boss, use poison. Depending on which monster you use to poison him, it will take multiple turns until the poison kills him.

(b) Now since it takes multiple turns to kill him, you have to see if you have enough HP and Heart Gems to take his hit. For example, in Expert Level, he deals 7994 damage per 4 turns. If you need to play poison with him, you will have to either have a higher than 7994 HP and recovery your HP back in 4 turns, or bring yourself a Wood damage reducer.

You will hit 1 forever if you don't poison him or break his armor...
Check your MAX HP and see if you can take 1 hit!
Then heal up before he attacks you again!
Strategy #3: SHIVA!!!
This is by far the most recommended and effective way to run this dungeon. Using Shiva as one of your leaders, he not only multiplies the Fire damage and recovery by x1.5, he also has the skill of zeroing out all enemies defense in 1 turn (for now this skill called ERROR 95... LOL).

BUT, SLOW DOWN! Don't get too excited; Shiva's skill takes time to charge up. So if you meet any Goblin's or at round 5 Flowerdragon Brachys, do NOT kill them all until you have charged up Shiva's skill. Once charged, see if you have enough Fire Gems to make that call on using his skill because the skill only lasts ONE TURN.

And that's it for Green Dragon!
Sunday, I didn't do a lot of grindings though since I really wanted a Mystic Ice Knight.

Not sure if anyone notice, but every special event will have a certain period that doubles the drop rate, which is usually at its 10 1/2 day left, or 12 hours left before the event ends.

So I waited until 12 hours left and spent all my stamina on running Blizzard Dragon Master to see if I can encounter some Mystic Ice Knight. Nope, nope and nope. 3 runs gone and there goes my weekend :/

Mystic Knights will have a rare appearance on Expert and Master level on Legendary Dragon events. Even though they appear, the drop rate is low in Expert comparing to Master.

Well there goes the entry for today!

Tuesday: Maybe 1~2 runs of Keepers to evolve my Fire Team.
Wednesday: Green Dragon Master to hunt for Mystic Stone Knight!!
Thursday: Dragon Plants!!!

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