Thursday, November 22, 2012

Progress: Blizzard Dragon Master

Decided to start a blog about the progression. Readers might love to see how I progressed without really having really powerful Gods and rare eggs.

Anyways, as of today, the Blizzard Dragon has only 3.5 days to go before I can hunt him down in Master Level. One week ago, I already know this will be really challenging without a decent wood team. So I expanded my box to save up some baby sapphire and emerald dragons (almost 16 of each). And farmed 8 of each pengdras until today (Thursday). Spending most of my stamina on Thursday event to get some flower plants, I finally got to evolve my Blizzard Dragon and some good Wood monsters leveled.

Here's my analysis:
Blizzard Dragon (Leader) - 50% water reduction for normal monsters
Flowerdragon Brachys - will get him to maybe lv30ish
Earth Dragon - Might be able to feed to lv70
Tavr Demon - hopefully can reach lv50 by 3 days.
Megalodran (Max skilled) - to change fire to heart every 5 turns
Viper Orochi - to use perseverance on miniboss and bosses. And Force on Siren or urgent situations.

The hardest encounter will be 5 devils. Since they deal 3510 per turn. Having Blizzard Dragon will only do some much that they can deal 8775 per turn total. So if this happens its pretty much over.

On the other hand, if I am able to charge up all the skills of the Dragons with the fact that I have Megalodran to use every 5 turns to heal up, I might survive the wave of the devils.

The second hardest encounter is probably the 2 Sirens in Round 9. Providing I have Blizzard Dragon, 5280 per 2 turns gives me 5280 total damage. I definitely have to use Viper Orochi's skill in this round to keep myself alive here.

The only downside of this team is its HP. While Tavr Demon has high attack, its HP is extremely low.

We will see how that works tomorrow.

Friday - Technical Dungeons for Pengdras to try to max level Tavr Demon.
Saturday - Probably same as Friday but maybe level up a bit on Blizzard Dragon.
Sunday - Deep Breath! And let's try it out!

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